A Wrinkle In Time

The Plot Summary Of A Wrinkle In Time Audio Book

a wrinkle in time free audiobook downloadThe classic story of a Wrinkle In Time starts off with our young protagonist, Meg Murry. She is a high school student that gets the privilege of going on a space and time adventure with her young brother and friend. Her space companions, Charles Wallace (brother) and Calvin O’Keefe (Friend) go on an adventure with her to rescue the girl’s father from an evil force that’s keeping him captive on a far-away planet.

The Beginning

At the beginning of the story, a lady named Mrs. Whatsit arrives at young Meg’s house. The night is stormy and dark. Meg’s first impressions of Mrs. Whatsit are less then positive. She is considered to be odd and trampy to the young girl. Later, it is discovered that Mrs. Whatsit is actually a celestial creature from another planet. She has come with the ability to read Meg’s mind.

Mrs. Whatsit is responsible for notifying meg and her companions of the existence of tesseract. Meg learns that tesseract is a wrinkle in time and space which you can travel through. Meg then learns of the possibility of going on a journey through the fifth dimension in a search for her father, Mr. Murry.

Meg and Charles visit Mrs. Whatsit’s cabin to learn more about the lady. Upon their journey, Calvin O’Keefe joins him. He is a popular kid at megs school who Charles is fond of. The three of them arrive at the cabin to learn that there’s an evil force, referred to as the Dark Thing, that’s engulfing planets with a giant cloud. They then learned that Mr. Murry is imprisoned on one of the planets, Camazotz, that’s already succumbed to the evils of this could.

In The Middle

They are then transported to Camazotz by Mrs. Whatsit and her friends. Not before being reminded of the dangers of separating while in an area under the influence of the Dark Thing. Everything on the planet looks exactly alike. It must all conform to an authoritative and terrifying pulsation known as IT.

The Escape From IT

There is a failed attempt to confront IT that makes it so the team has to escape to a nearby planet, Ixchel. This planet is inhabited by tall furry creatures. These beasts care and provide for Meg and her friends as Meg’s little brother is kept by IT. He was captured during the confrontation.

Meg Discovers Her Ability To Save Her Brother And Father

Meg discovers that she pocesses a power the dark force will never have. Mrs. Whatsit lets her know that she can use her ability to defeat IT, thus rescuing her brother and father. Meg soon discovers this ability is love. She concentrates on her love for Wallace to save him. This allows her to defeat IT.

If You Would Like To Own A Wrinkle In Time

A Wrinkle In Time can still be found in bookstores everywhere. If you cannot find it in your town, you can purchase it through a vendor like Amazon. There is a Kindle and a Book version. Have a great time reading this classic, Science-Fiction novel.