Diary of a Wimpy Kid

A Summary Of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Audio Book

diary of a wimpy kid free audiobook downloadA young boy named Greg is encouraged by his mother to keep a journal and agrees as he wants to show it off once he has become rich and famous. He writes down what happens in his day to day life and talks about his opinions on important topics such as dating, bullying, and social place within school. He also talks about how own preferences and his school’s strange cheese related anti-cootie cure.

We find that Greg doesn’t get along with his siblings or his parents. His parents encourage him to go outside and enjoy his life but he simply goes to a friends house and plays video games instead of taking their advice.

He gets off to a rocky start with his best friend after forcing him to take the blame for a prank gone wrong. However, when the cheese touch goes missing he takes the blame and mends the relationship that he had previously lost.

After a near embarrassment in gym class and a terrifying near miss on Halloween, Greg is forced to try out for the school play. Because he didn’t want to be in the play he causes it to be a flop and disappoints his mom who throws away the gift she got for him.

Greg’s mother is okay with him playing with girl’s toys but doesn’t want to listen to his problems and ends up rewarding selfish behavior. His father is an early riser who believes in exercise and physical activity. Greg therefore believes that his father is strange but smart and doesn’t respect him when he tries to change Greg’s behavior.

Greg also finds that his parents are completely opposites on punishment. his father is hands on and abusive while his mother is calculated and takes a while to plan her punishments. Greg feels resentment towards the things his brothers get to do that he doesn’t and often finds himself acting out in retaliation.

Greg goes through the school year seemingly going between immature and his desire to be seen as a much more mature older kid. He again works on the school play and finds that it is more enjoyable when he doesn’t have to do work but is instead few the information by a teacher. Rowley and Greg have differences over the rate at which they are growing and Greg sees that Rowley’s parents treat him differently and are much more involved in his life.

The story ends with Greg contemplating the reasons for woman liking men and an anecdote about the youngest brother bringing a hyper sexualized magazine to a show and tell event. In the end Greg has learned little but poured his heart out to the journal over the time of his first year in school. He gives himself a large amount of information about his life and his family to look over at a later date and has enjoyed an activity that he originally scoffed at his mother for suggesting.